Our Sustainability Cycle

Sustainable Farming


We feed and care for the animals, the animals feed and care for us.  We provide the animals with food and shelter.  They are all domesticated animals and need humans to survive.  The animals make meat, materials, methane and manure.  The meat feeds the people, the wool warms and clothes the people, methane makes electricity to warm and cool the animals and manure makes fertiliser to grow crops to feed both animals and people – and circle of life starts again.

Low Carbon Footprint

Windridge Farms is an accredited carbon farm under the Australian Government Emission Reduction Fund.

Intensive pig farming has the advantage of greater control.  We are able to control the effluent, capture it, extract methane and turn it into electricity.  We are also able to control the amount of feed and reduce waste and reduce carbon footprint.  Higher growth rates and feed conversion means a lower carbon footprint.


Windridge Farms holds 3 EPA licences.  In accordance with EPA practice we are assessed every 5 years.  We have always been assessed as a low risk licence holder.

Did you know?

  • We are a Registered Carbon Farm under the Emission Reduction Fund.
  • 2,400,000 kilowatts of electricity are produced per annum – enough to make us carbon neutral. 
  • We are fostering sustainable regenerative land management practices with our tree planting program (100,000 + trees).
  • Enhancing soil quality with pig waste utilised as fertiliser.