The Pig Farm

  • We sell 7.5 million kilograms of pork in a year.
  • Our pork goes to supermarkets, butchers and restaurants.
  • 40 full time staff are employed across both pigs sheds and maintenance.
  • We are a Registered Carbon Farm under the Emission Reduction Fund.
  • 2,400,000 kilowatts of electricity are produced per annum – this is enough to make us carbon neutral.
  • Pig waste is also used as a fertiliser on the farm.


  • 5,000 hectares over 3 beautiful farms all located around the town of Young.
  • 8,000 Merino breeding ewes.
  • 600 breeding cows + 400 trade cattle per year.
  • 1,400 hectares of cropping and pasture improved country every year.
  • 8 full time staff
  • Drought lots to enable pasture preservation.
  • Hundreds of thousands of trees have been planted over last 2 decades.
  • Wheat and triticale are grown annually to supply the Piggery Feed Mill, plus canola and pastures.

The Feed Mill

    • The Feed Mill produces 30,000 tonnes of feed per year.
    • The feed is made to a carefully balanced diet by an expert nutritionist.
    • We purchase 15,000 tonnes of locally grown grain per year.
    • The mill runs on power made from pig manure.
    • 4 full time staff are employed to operate the Feed Mill.